Episode 50

Published on:

30th Apr 2023

Interview with Evan Weinberger, CEO of Illuminos LLC

Illuminos is an academic coaching and tutoring company Evan co-founded with his cousin Wendy in 2016 after a decade of success growing the sister company he founded in Texas in 2006 called Staying Ahead of the Game LLC.  The focus of his award-winning and research-driven program is helping kids build the executive functioning skills they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond. The core components include helping students with organization, time management, and influencing the perceptions of others.  

As a national speaker, Evan particularly enjoys presenting to parents, counselors, and educators all over the country about the power of executive functioning skills and the most useful ways to assist students of all ages in getting the most out of school and achieving their goals.

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Witnessing, first hand, your challenges in the home has invigorated my desire to share what I know and to be a cheerleader for your lives and the lives of your child using mindfulness as a fulcrum to success.
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