Episode 46

Published on:

13th Mar 2023

The Importance of Play for Sharing and Taking Turns

Today I’m talking about the how children learn the skills of turn taking and sharing.  These can be two very challenging areas for toddlers and preschoolers to grasp and accept.  I’ll discuss some strategies that can help you over the hump in shaping a stellar social skills super star!

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Special Ed Rising; No Parent Left Behind
A Podcast for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals
This former Special Ed classroom teacher is on his own with a microphone, to share some of the magic he's learned in his 34+ years in the field.
Stories, strategies, and a true grasp for what life can be like for parents and caregivers of Disabled children are waiting here!
Witnessing, first hand, your challenges in the home has invigorated my desire to share what I know and to be a cheerleader for your lives and the lives of your child using mindfulness as a fulcrum to success.
You are not alone and your life matters. Join me as we let go and grow together!
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